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Nivea Men's Care

shaving, refreshing, cleansing and moisturising products to treat your skin everyday for a fresh feeling all day.

Nivea Sun Care

Nivea sunscreen sprays, water resistant sunblocks & SPF sunscreen lotions. Give skin protection from UV rays & sunburn.

Nivea Bath Care

shower gel, body scrub and body wash products 

Nivea Hand Care

Provides intensive moisturisation to relieve dry skin and dry skin irritation.

Nivea Face Care

 Eye creams, anti wrinkle day & night creams, cleansers, face moisturisers & eye makeup removers

Nivea Lip Care

Protect your lips With natural care, repairing and moisturising lip balms

Nivea Deodorants

Sensitive skin, Aerosols and roll-ons to protect effectively your skin without irritation.

Nivea Body Care

 Everyday care, moisture, firming and shaping for a daily moisturisation and a soft feeling skin.

Nivea Creme & Soft

Unmatched moisturiser for every skin type, for children as well as for adults and during all season

  • Elastoplast - silver

  • Elastoplast - fabric strips

  • Elastoplast - fabric assorted packs

  • Elastoplast - fabric dressing lengths

  • Elastoplast - plastic strips

  • Elastoplast - plastic assorted packs

  • Elastoplast - sensitive strips

  • Elastoplast - waterproof

  • Elastoplast  - bandages & tapes

  • Elastoplast - injury care

  • Elastoplast - heat pads

  • Elastoplast braces

  • Elastoplast - tapes

  • Elastoplast - footcare

  • Elastoplast sport strapping tapes - elastic

  • Elastoplast sport elastic adhesive bandages  

  • E/sport elastic adhesive bandage 

  • Elastoband elastic adhesive banadage

  • Elastolpast sport hand tearable elastic adhesive bandage

  • Elastoplast sport mouthguards

  • Elastowrap - hypoaallergenic underwrap

  • Elastplast hot cold pack

  • Elastplast spray

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