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  • T-Bone

Cut from the Shortloin, T-bone Steaks are great for barbeques, pan frying

  • Rumps

For best savings look for the whole rumps and ask our butchers our free slicing. Can be cut into steaks, roasts or stir fry for a variety of cooking options

  • Porterhouse Steak

Cut from the striploin. The versatile porterhouse are great for barbeques and can also be pan fried or grilled

  • BBQ Steak

A lean meat steak sourced from the blade, tenderized to suit barbeques and fry pans

  • Mince

At the big butcher we use chuck tender in our premium mince for quality taste and consistency, it makes a perfect choice for our 97% fat free mince.

  • Scotch Fillet 

We serve only the finest Tara Valley grass fed Australian raised scotch.

  • Eye Fillet

The most tender cut of beef, from the most the most tender kind of beef, Tara Valley.

  • JerkyIf

you make your own jerky we can help give you a nice consistent 6mm thick jerky cut from a whole denuded topside or silverside by putting it through our JS-4300 Fresh Meat Slicer, and you don't have to wait long.


  • Pork Loin Chops

Perfect for barbeques or grilled

  • Rolled Leg Roast

A lean cut that makes a great tasting and healthy roast

  • Pork Cutlets

Cut from the loin, cutlets are ideal for barbeques, pan fry, grill or roast.

  • Pork Neck

This cut is extremely tender and juicy which make it great for roasts or pan frying

  • USA Ribs

These are made up of small underworked muscles that cover the rib, which contributes to their delicious flavour. Great for barbecuing, after they have been marinated, is the best way to cook these.


  • Veal Roast - Can come as either a shoulder roast or leg roast. Great for winter

  • Veal Schnitzel - Sourced from the leg, used for the classic schnitzel

  • Veal Osso Bucco - Cut from the leg bone, Osso Bucco are perfect for winter stews 

  • Veal Cutlets - Cut from the loin, this cut is lean and tender. These are great for barbeques or pan fried

  • Veal Shanks (Shin) - From the leg bone beneath the knee, shanks are best prepared when slow cooked


  • Lamb Chops

Can be cut from either the Chump, Forequarter, loin or neck. Chops are great either on the barbeque or on pan fry

  • Lamb Roasts

A variety of roast cuts available great for all occasions

  • Leg of Lamb

  • Lamb shanks

From the leg bone beneath the knee, shanks are best prepared when braised

  • Lamb Cutlets

Cut from the loin, this cut is lean and tender and can be crumbed, These are great for barbeques or pan fried


  • Sausage varieties

We have a number of sausage varieties including BBQ, Continental, Italian Fennel and Lamb Spicy Moroccan

  • Burgers

Quality hamburger patties made in shop for a great tasting burger

  • Rissoles

Homestyle rissoles that come in either beef or veggie flavours

  • Chevapi

Come in either mild or hot flavours


Kransky varieties - Our shopmade traditional recipe Kransky's come in Mild, Hot, Cheese or Chilli Cheese flavours.

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