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Cake Margarine

  • Peerless Cake Margarine 18kg

  • Peerless Cake Margarine 15kg

Butter Replacers


  • Peerless Buttery Spread 10Kg (No Colour and Unsalted)

  • Peerless Buttery Spread 25kg (No Colour and Unsalted)

  • Peerless Australian Unsalted Buttery Spread 10Kg

  • Peerless Australian Unsalted Buttery Spread 25kg

  • Australian Vegetable Butter Replacer 25kg​

Butter oil Substitute

  • Peerless Hard BOS 15kg

  • Peerless Hard BOS 18Kg


  • Vitalite Spread 250g

  • Vitalite Spread 500g

  • Olive Gold Olive Spread 500g

  • Kremelta 485g

  • Miracle Spread 250g

  • Miracle Spread 1kg


  • Peerless Shortening 15Kg


Pastry Margarines

  • Royal Danish 12.5 kg

  • Pastrex Ready Bits Hard 15kg

  • Pastrex Ready Bits Medium 15kg

  • Perfex Ready Bits Hard 15kg

  • Perfex Ready Bits Medium 15kg

Pastry Shortening

  • Flex Ready Bits Medium 15kg

  • Flex Ready Bits Hard 15kg

Pie Bottom Shortening

  • Trio 15kg

  • Vantage 15kg

  • Vegetable 15kg

  • Duo 12kg

Cake Margarines

  • Trend 15kg

  • Sovereign 15kg

  • Sovereign Hard 15kg

  • Monarch 15kg

Cake Shortening

  • Gateau Gold 15kg

  • Hilite 15kg

Shortpaste Margarines

  • Pride Ready Bits 15kg

  • Pride 12.5kg

  • Shortex 12.5kg

  • Gilt 12.5kg

Donut Shortening

  • Donut Shortening 15kg

Creaming Shortening

  • Solite 15kg

  • Solite Tropical 15kg

  • Vegetable Solite 15kg

Bread Products

  • Top Bake 15kg

Confectionery Shortening

  • Kreamolene 15kg


  • Pie Time 15kg

  • Custilla 15kg

Tablelands Spread

  • Tablelands Original Spread 500g

  • Tablelands Dairy Free Spread 500g

  • Tablelands Canola Spread 500g

  • Tablelands Dairy Free Spread 750g

  • Tablelands Reduced Cholesterol Spread 500g

  • Tablelands Olive Oil Spread 500g

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