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  • Bacon Chops

New Primo bacon chops are succulent, thick bacon slices and the perfect star ingredients for lunches and dinners.

  • Bacon Style Pieces

Bacon style, finely diced pieces, ready to use straight as a topping on pizza or into your favourite recipe when you need that full bacon flavour hit!

  • Beechwood Smoked Bacon 250g

Prime middle bacon doubled smoked with beechwood for the perfect tasting bacon.

  • Diced Bacon

Bacon diced into a convenient size ready to use in your favourite recipe straight from the pack.

  • Economy Bacon Rashers 1kg

A full loin bacon conveniently packed in 1kg vacuum sealed packs.

  • Middle Rashers Rind On 750g

Traditional rind on middle bacon lightly smoked, trimmed and sliced then hygienically packed into a convenient pack to retain freshness.

  • Rind-On Middle Bacon

Traditional rind on middle bacon is hand trimmed, lightly smoked with natural wood smoke then pre sliced ready to use.

  • Rindless Middle Bacon

Rindless middle bacon is traditionally prepared, with rind trimmed off, lightly smoked with natural wood smoke then pre sliced ready to use.

  • Rindless Short Cut Bacon

A lean rasher made from the loin of young pigs. Cured, smoked and thinly sliced without the rind.

  • Short Cut Rindless Bacon 250g

Selected rindless short cut bacon lightly smoked, trimmed and sliced then hygienically packed into a convenient pack to retain freshness.

  • Short Cut Rindless Bacon 750g

A lean rasher of loin bacon, cured, naturally wood smoked and thinly sliced with rind removed. A naturally leaner cut of bacon with all the flavour.

  • Shredded Bacon

Tasty, smoked bacon shredded into the perfect size ready to use in your favourite recipe or pizza topping.


  • 4x4 Sandwich Ham

Made from shoulder pork pressed together and water cooked. Another favourite in sandwiches.

  • 4x4 Shoulder Ham

Made from prime shoulder pork pressed to form a square shape, popular for sandwiches.

  • Beechwood Smoked Ham

Flavoured with real beechwood imported from Germany giving a delicious, subtle smoky flavour.

  • Champagne Leg Ham

Tender Juicy leg ham, trimmed, cured and naturally wood smoked. Perfect for sandwiches and salads.

  • Colonial Prager Ham

Juicy, succulent lean leg ham with no skin and lightly, natural wood smoked.

  • Country Style Double Smoked Leg Ham

Succulent, oven baked leg ham naturally smoked twice for that extra full flavoured smoked ham experience.

  • Diced Ham

Ham diced into a convenient size and ready to use straight from the pack. Great for salads, quiches, omlettes or anything where tasty diced ham is required.

  • Double Smoked Ham

Made from choice loins of pork, boned and rolled then netted and double smoked.

  • Gammon Ham

A full boneless leg ham hand stitched together then smoked and cooked to perfection.

  • Ham Steaks

Delicious leg ham oven baked into a round casing then sliced to an even steak sized thickness ready for the grill, oven or BBQ.

  • Honey Ham

Seasoned and cured with the addition of real bees’ honey resulting in a golden brown slightly sweet ham.

  • Premium Leg Ham

Made from premium pork, the leg is de-boned, pinewood smoked and lightly cured. A quality ham which is easy to slice.

  • Shaved Double Smoked Leg Ham 100g

Smoked with real Beechwood imported from Germany for subtle delicious smokey flavour.

  • Shaved Ham

Succulent baked ham, naturally wood smoked then sliced and packaged is the perfect sandwich filling.

  • Shaved Honey Leg Ham 100g

Flavoured with real bees' honey, this ham is succulent and slightly sweet delicious on sandwiches and school lunches.

  • Shaved Premium Leg Ham 100g

The best quality lean ham beechwood smoked and 97% fat free.

  • Shredded Ham

Delicious, tender ham shredded to size and ready for inclusion into any recipe.

  • Shredded Pizza Topping

Ham style shredded topping made specially for Pizza Topping for extra flavour and meaty crunch to any pizza.

  • Sliced 4x4 Sandwich Ham

Sandwich Ham is made from prime shoulder pork, pressed into a familiar 4x4 square shape, sliced and packed. 4x4 shoulder ham is perfectly suited for sandwiches.

  • Thinly Sliced Champagne Leg Ham 100g Twin Pack

Similiar in appearance to leg ham off the bone. Terrific tossed through pasta dishes.

  • Thinly Sliced English Leg Ham 200g Twin Pack

Made in a traditional English style this leg ham is delicately seasoned and lightly naturally wood smoked.

  • Thinly Sliced Salt Reduced Leg Ham 200g Twin Pack

Made from premium pork de-boned, lightly cured and smoked. Reduced salt but not reduced flavour! Thinly sliced and ready to serve.

  • Thinly Sliced Virginian Leg Ham 200g Twin Pack

Traditional American style Virginian leg ham is made from hand trimmed lean leg pork, cured with a light blend of spices then slowly smoked with natural wood smoke.

  • Triple Smoked Leg Ham

Prime cuts of leg pork specially selected then traditionally cured and smoked 3 times to produce a satisfying and strongly smoked premium leg ham.


  • Sliced Pepperoni Sal 100g 

  • 100g Hungarian Salami 

  • 100g Danish Salami 

  • 100g Hot Salami 

  • 250g Danish Salami Bev 

  • 250g W/Hung Salami Bev 

  • 250g Spanish Salami Bev 

  • 250g Pepperoni Sal Bev 

  • 100g Reduced Fat Salami 

  • 250g Cacciatori Sal Bev 

  • 250g Sopressa Hot Sal 

  • Pepper Salami 

  • Chilli Salami 

  • Veneto salami 

  • Spanish Hot Sal Lge 

  • Calabrese Salami 

  • Pepperoni Salami 

  • Slcd Pepperoni salami 

  • Cacciatori Mild 

  • Cacciatori Hot 

  • Sopresso Alpino Mild 

  • Sopressa Alpina Hot 

  • Sopresso Del Nonno M 

  • Sopresso Del Nonno H 

  • Danish Salami Lagee 

  • Hot Hugnarian Salami 

  • Hungarian Salami Lge 

  • Wht Hungarian lge 

  • Yummy Sticks Mild 

  • Yummy sticks Hot 


  • 100g Primo Thin Sld Roast Beef

  • 1kg Subway Diced Beef Steak (8)

  • Silverside 

  • Pastrami

  • Primo Roast Beef Halves 

Deli meats

  • 500g Mortadella

  • Mortadella Stubbies 

  • Olive Mortadella

  • Conti Franks Thin 

  • Italian Sausages 

  • Italian Saus Chilli 

  • Chorizos

  • Diced Chorizos 

  • 250g Primo Gold Choice Chorizo

  • Cabanossi

  • Sliced Cabanossi 

  • Kransky

  • Pepperoni Sausage 

  • American Beef Hot Dog Blk 

  • Beef Sausages 500gm 

  • Pork Sausages 500gm 

  • BBQ Sausages 500gm 

Continental Smallgoods

  • 500g Slim Franks 

  • 500g Cocktail Franks 

  • Slim Franks Cov 

  • Cocktail Franks

  • 1kg Cocktail Franks

  • Saveloys A/C 2.5kg 

  • Devon 

  • American Hot Dogs 8" S/L


  • Thick Beef Sausages 

  • Thick Pork Sausage 


  • Smoked Prosciutto 

  • Prosciutto Cov 

  • 500g Primo Slc Prosciutto 

  • Prosciutto 1/2 

  • Smoked Prosciutto Halves

  • 100g GC Thin Sliced Prosciutto

  • 100g Sliced Coppa

  • 100g Sliced Pancetta 

  • 100g Prosciutto 

  • Pancetta Rolled Mild 

  • Prosciutto Crudo 

  • Coppa Mild 


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