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Vanilla Products

  • Organic Vanilla Bean Paste 140g 

  • Organic Vanilla Bean Paste 65g 

  • Fairtrade Vanilla Extract with Seeds 50mL 

  • Natural Vanilla Concentrated Extract 50ml 

  • Natural Vanilla Extract 200mL 

  • Natural Organic Vanilla Essence-Extract 

  • Natural Organic Vanilla Madagascan Extract 100ml 

  • Queen Finest Vanilla Extract with Seeds Vava’u 50ml 

  • Queen Finest Single Origin Vanilla Extract Madagascar 50ml 

  • Organic Vanilla Bean Pods 10g (4 beans) 

  • Vanilla Bean Grinder 12g 

  • Organic Vanilla Paste 320g 

  • Imitation Vanilla Essence

Food Colourings

  • Blue Food Colour Gel 15g 

  • Green Food Colour Gel 15g 

  • Red Food Colour Gel 15g 

  • Yellow Food Colour Gel 15g 

  • Rainbow Food Colours (4x7mL) 

  • Rainbow Natural Food Colours (4x7ml) 

  • Black Food Colour 50mL 

  • Blue Food Colour 50mL 

  • Cochineal Food Colour 50mL 

  • Green Food Colour 50mL 

  • Rose Pink Food Colour 50mL 

  • Pillar Box Red Food Colour 50mL 

  • Yellow Food Colour 50mL 

  • Red Food Colour Extract 50ml 

  • Natural Yellow Food Colour 50ml 

  • Green Food Colour Extract 50ml 

  • Natural Pink Food Colour 50ml 

  • Pink Food Colour Powder 30g 

  • Yellow Food Colour Powder 30g 


Ready to Roll Fondant Icing White 600g 

Ready to Roll Fondant Icing Blue 200g 

Ready to Roll Fondant Icing Green 200g 

Ready to Roll Fondant Icing Pink 200g 

Ready to Roll Fondant Icing White 200g 

Ready to Roll Fondant Icing 3 Colours (Black Red Yellow) 375g 

Royal Icing 330g 

Butter Cream Icing Vanilla 350g 

Writing Icing Multipack (5x21g) 105g 

Writing Icing Gels Glitter (4 X 21g) 

Choc Trio Writing Icing (3x25g) 

Decorating Icing Kit (3x70g) 

Writing Icing Fudge Rich Choc 50g 

Writing Icing Fudge White Choc 50g 

Writing Icing Natural Black 50g 

Writing Icing Natural Blue 50g

Writing Icing Natural Pink 50g 

Soft Sugar Pearls Blue 65g 

Soft Sugar Pearls Gold 65g 

Soft Sugar Pearls Pink 65g 

Soft Sugar Pearls Rainbow 65g 

Soft Sugar Pearls Silver 65g 

Soft Sugar Pearls White 65g 

Icing Decorations Party Pals 12pk 

Dark Chocolate Letters and Numbers 43g 

Queen Cachous Mixed (Silver Blue Pink) 23gx3 


  • Natural Almond Extract 50mL 

  • Natural Aniseed Essence 50mL 

  • Natural Brandy Essence 50mL 

  • Imitation Chocolate Essence 50mL 

  • Natural Coconut Essence 50mL  

  • Coffee Extract 50mL 

  • Natural Lemon Extract 50mL 

  • Natural Orange Extract 50mL 

  • Parisian Essence 100mL 

  • Natural Peppermint Extract 50mL 

Pantry Staples

  • Jel-it-In Vegetarian Gelling Powder (8x8g) 64g 

  • Glycerine 100ml

  • Glucose Syrup 500g 

  • Pure Maple Syrup 250mL 

  • Sugar Free Maple Flavoured Syrup 355mL 

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