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  • Adhesives & Household Repairs

  • All Fix 250g Tube

  • All Fix 390g Cartridge

  • Aquadhere Interior 100ml Blistered

  • Aquadhere Interior 100ml Unblistered

  • Aquadhere Interior 250ml

  • Aquadhere Interior 500ml

  • Aquadhere Interior 1 Litre

  • Aquadhere Interior 2litre

  • Aquadhere Interior 4litre

  • Aquadhere Quick Set Pva 500ml

  • Aquadhere Exterior 250ml

  • Aquadhere Exterior 500ml

  • Aquadhere Exterior 1l

  • Aquadhere Exterior 4l

  • Aquadhere Durabond Pu 460ml

  • Araldite Self Mixing Epoxy Adhesive 24ml

  • Araldite 5 Min Everyday 8ml 6pk

  • Araldite 5 Min Everyday 24ml

  • Araldite 5 Min Everyday Tubes 35ml

  • Araldite Super Strength 200m

  • Araldite Super Strength 35m

  • Araldite Super Strength 24ml

  • Araldite Ultra Clear 8ml

  • Araldite Ultra Clear 24ml

  • Araldite Quick Set 24ml

  • Kwik Grip Gel 200g

  • Kwik Grip Gel 400g

  • Kwik Grip Gel 800g

  • Kwik Grip Gel 1.6kg

  • Kwik Grip Gel 3.2kg

  • Kwik Grip Advanced 50ml

  • Kwik Grip 50ml

  • Kwik Grip 100ml

  • Kwik Grip 250ml

  • Kwik Grip 500ml

  • Kwik Grip 1l

  • Kwik Grip 2l

  • Kwik Grip 4l

  • Kwik Grip Spray Adhesive 150g

  • Kwik Grip Spray Adhesive 350g

  • Kwik Grip Advanced 500ml

  • Selleys Aqua Repair Glue 24ml

  • Selleys Shoe Glue 50ml

  • Selleys All Plastics & Toy Glue 3ml



  • Tarzan's Grip 30ml

  • Tarzan's Grip Super Glue 2ml



  • Quick Fix Supa Glue Liquid 3ml

  • Quick Fix Supa Glue Shock Proof 3ml

  • Quick Fix Control Bottle 3g

  • Quick Fix Supa Glue Brush On 5ml

  • Quick Fix Strong & Repos Supa Glue 3gm

  • Quick Fix Supa Glue 2x3ml Twin Pack



  • Appliance Touch-Up 15ml

  • Fibreglass Repair Kit 100ml

  • Fireproof Cement 850g

  • Knead It 110g Multipurpose

  • Knead It Aqua 110g

  • Knead It Aqua Blister Pack 50g

  • Knead It Steel 110g

  • Metallic Cement 25g

  • Porcelain Repair 30g

  • Spred Sole 85g

  • Fix 'N' Go Supa Glue 3ml



  • Rodenticide

  • Talon Ezy Throw Pack (6x20g) 120g

  • Talon 2.4kg Wax Blocks

  • Talon Pellets 150g

  • Talon Wax Blocks 72g

  • Talon Ant Killer Gel 5g



  • General

  • Absorbit 300g

  • Ezy Glide 150g

  • Super Kleen Multi Surface Spray 750ml

  • Liquid Sugar Soap 750ml

  • Sugar Soap Disinfectant For Floors 750ml

  • Oven Clean 350g

  • Oven Plus Heavy Duty Gel 400g

  • Bbq Tough Clean 400g

  • Bbq Tough Wipes

  • Bbq Tough Grease & Grime Cleaner 500ml

  • Bbq Exterior Clean & Shine 250ml

  • Rapid Mould Killer 500ml

  • Super Cloth

  • Water Shield 200g

  • Leather Clean 250ml

  • Grout Stain Whitener 280g



  • Expresso Kleen 3 X 40g Sachets H67

  • Scalexplus Appliance Cleaner 3 X 75g Sachets H70

  • Steelkleen H94 250ml 6pk



  • Sealants

  • All Clear 260g

  • All Clear 80g

  • All Clear 80g 5pk

  • Brick & Concrete Grey 415g

  • Butyl Mastic Black 400g

  • Butyl Mastic Grey 400g

  • Butyl Mastic Off White 400g

  • Glass Clear 310g

  • Glass Clear 75g

  • No More Big Gaps 350g

  • No More Big Gaps 750g

  • Space Invader 320g

  • No More Gaps Fast Dry 475g

  • No More Gaps Bathroom 410g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Black 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Brilliant White 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Brown 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Cedar 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Charcoal 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Coffee 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Cream 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Ivory 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Light Grey 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Rich Earth 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Terracotta 450g

  • No More Gaps Caulk Vanilla 450g

  • No More Gaps Exterior Gap Sealant 475g

  • No More Gaps Multipurpose Brown 475g

  • No More Gaps Multipurpose White 475g

  • No More Gaps Squeeze Ezy 380g

  • No More Gaps Tube 320g

  • No More Gaps Weatherboard 430g

  • Paint Over White 410g

  • Roof & Gutter Speed Seal Tran 300g

  • Roof & Gutter Black 310g

  • Roof & Gutter Grey 310g

  • Roof & Gutter Translucent 310g

  • Roof & Gutter Manor Red 300g

  • Roof & Gutter Brown 300g

  • Roof & Gutter Cottage Green 300g

  • Roof & Gutter Translucent 75g

  • Roof & Gutter Translucent 75g

  • Selleys 3 In 1 Seal/Adh/Fill White 480g

  • Wet Area Clear 300g

  • Wet Area White 300g

  • Wet Area Speed Seal White 300g

  • Wet Area White 75g



  • Liquid Nails 100g Tube

  • Liquid Nails 100g 5pk

  • Liquid Nails 320g

  • Liquid Nails 900g

  • Liquid Nails Clear 250g

  • Liquid Nails Clear 80g Tube

  • Liquid Nails Fast 420g

  • Liquid Nails Fast 95g

  • Liquid Nails Landscape 415g

  • Liquid Nails Mirror Metal & Glass 310g

  • Liquid Nails Heavy Duty 350g

  • Liquid Nails Waterproof 390g

  • Plasti-Bond Heavy Duty Bog 400g

  • Plasti-Bond H/Duty 1.6kg

  • Selleys Tradie's Bog 550g

  • Selleys Tradie's Bog 900g



  • Pro-Spec Flex-Fill Gap Filler Wht 475g


Trade - Building & Industrial Sealants & Adhesives

  • N-Mastic Off White 410g



  • Proseries Polyurethane Adh/Seal Grey 410g

  • Proseries Polyurethane Adh/Seal Whi 410g

  • Proseries Polyurethane Sealant Whi 400g

  • Proseries Adh/Sealant 410g Black

  • Selleys Proseries Adhesive Sealant Grey 600ml 

  • Selleys Proseries Adhesive Sealant White 600ml 

  • Proseries Flexiseal White 600ml



  • Nozzles For Sausage Gun 10pk



  • Permasil 626 Met/Gls Trans310g



  • Ferropro Cold Galvanising Aero 400g



  • No More Cracks Fillers

  • No More Cracks Powder Interior 500g

  • No More Cracks Powder Interior 1kg

  • No More Cracks Powder Interior 2kg

  • No More Cracks Powder Exterior 500g

  • No More Cracks Powder Exterior 2kg

  • No More Cracks Rtu Doors & Trim 270g



  • Plastic Wood Maple 50g

  • Plastic Wood Maple 230g

  • Special Putty 2kg

  • Special Putty 450g

  • Spakfilla Squeeze & Scrape 390gm

  • Spakfilla Heavy Duty 435g

  • Spakfilla Rapid 180g (400ml)

  • Spakfilla Rapid 260g (600ml)

  • Spakfilla Coloursmart 180g (400ml)

  • Woodfilling Putty 450g



  • Selleys Wallpaper Med/Heavy Paste 250g



  • Kwik Strip 250ml

  • Kwik Strip 500ml

  • Kwik Strip 1ltr

  • Kwik Strip 4l



  • Sugar Soap Powder 375g




  • Selleys Brushes

  • Selleys All Purpose Brush 50mm

  • Selleys All Purpose Brush 63mm

  • Selleys All Purpose Brush 75mm

  • Selleys All Purpose Edger 38mm

  • Selleys Fast Finish Brush 25mm

  • Selleys Fast Finish Brush 38mm

  • Selleys Fast Finish Brush 50mm

  • Selleys Fast Finish Brush 75mm

  • Selleys Fast Finish Edger 63mm

  • Selleys Ultra Smooth Brush 38mm

  • Selleys Ultra Smooth Brush 50mm

  • Selleys Ultra Smooth Brush 75mm



  • Excel 2 Brush 38mm

  • Excel 2 Brush 50mm

  • Excel 2 Brush 75mm

  • Excel 2 Brush 88mm



  • Maxima Brush 50mm

  • Maxima Brush 60mm

  • Maxima Brush 75mm

  • Maxima Brush 100mm


Rolana Baby Covers

  • Rolana Baby Cover - Flat 130mm

  • Rolana Baby Cover-Foam 60mm

  • Rolana Baby Roller Kit - Foam 60mm


Rolana Texture Covers

  • Rolana Corrugated Cored Cover 230mm


Rota Cota

  • Rota Cota Microfibre Roller 230x11mm

Selleys Rollers

  • Fast Finish Gloss Roller 230mm X 5mm

  • Fast Finish All Purpose Roller 230mm X 9mm

  • Fast Finish All Purpose Roller 270mm X 9mm

  • Selleys All Purpose Walls & Ceilings Roller 230mm X 12mm

  • Selleys All Purpose All Paints 230mm X 9mm

  • Selleys All Purpose All Paints 270mm X 9mm



  • 10pk 100mm Foam

  • Rota Cota Roller Kits

  • Rota Cota Roller Kit 230mm



  • Cage Frame 230mm

  • Rc Mini Rollr With Fabric & Foam Cover 100mm

  • Professional Cage Frame 130mm



  • Rota Cota Heavy Duty Tray 270mm

  • Rota Cota Heavy Duty Tray 230mm



  • Aluminium Pole Sander



  • Friction Caulking Gun

  • Skeleton Caulking Gun



  • 4 Row Wire Brush Plastic




  • Autofix Araldite 5min 24ml Af01 (2)

  • Autofix Instant Gasket 75g Af05

  • Autofix Knead It 110g Af11

  • Autofix Marine Sealant 75g Af06

  • Autofix Supa Glue 3ml Af03

  • Autofix Windscreen Sealant 75g Af07

  • D-Mastic Black 400g Sm08

  • Selleys Engine Degrease 400g

  • Silicone 401 Clear 310g Sm18

  • Rp7 150g (Green Can)      Rp71

  • Rp7 Integrated Straw 300g

Auto Appearance - Polyglaze

  • Washes

  • Polyglaze Sparkling Wash 1l

  • Polyglaze Wash And Wax 1l



  • Polyglaze Cut & Polish 250g



  • Polyglaze Dash & Trim 250ml

  • Polyglaze Dash & Trim Care 500ml

  • Polyglaze Upholstery Cleaner 400g



  • Polyglaze Invisible Glass Cleaner 500ml

  • Polyglaze Windscreen Cleaner Tablets



  • Polyglaze Foaming Wheel Cleaner 400g

  • Pg59 Tyre Shine Foam 400g

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