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  • Steggles Family Roast Drumsticks

Seasoned with garlic, thyme, parsley, rosemary and pepper. Ideal for slow cooking.

  • Steggles Family Roast Thigh Cutlets

Seasoned with parsley, coriander, cumin turmeric and chilli, Ideal for roasting

  • Steggles Traditional Chicken Burgers 500g

  • Steggles Chicken Mince 500g

  • Steggles Breast Fillet

  • Steggles Thigh Fillets - Skin Off

  • Steggles Drumsticks

  • Steggles Wings

  • Steggles Tenderloins

  • Steggles Breast Stir Fry

  • Breast Fillets - Packed In Perforated Pack

  • Skinless & boneless split chicken breast. 

  • Drumsticks

  • Lovely Legs

Skinless drumsticks with a portion of the bone removed.

  • Mince

Chicken breast and maryland fillets blended together

  • Skinless Breast Fillet

Skinless and deboned split chicken breast. Very low in fat.

  • Breast - On the bone

Chicken breast with the skin on, attached to the breast bone.

  • Diced Chicken Skinless

Prepared from breast fillet, cut to various sizes.

  • Drumsticks - Packed In Perforated Pack

The lower portion of the leg quarter.

  • Maryland

A whole chicken leg with portion of the back bone attached.

  • Skin on breast

Boneless split chicken breast with the skin left on for added flavour.

  • Steggles Chicken - Original (Plain)

Plain whole chicken. Sizes range from 1.2 Kg - 2.5 kg.

  • Steggles Family Roast Chicken - Marinated

Traditional roast flavoured whole chicken. Big enough for the whole family.

  • Steggles Chicken - Twin Pack (Plain)

A twin pack of plain whole chickens, ready to cook. Approximately 1.8kg.

  • Steggles Tender Touch

A whole chicken marinated, seasoned with mixed herbs, onions & a touch of pepper. Sprinkled with mild onion & herbs.

  • Skinless Thigh Fillet

Skinless and deboned chicken thigh fillet. Very low in fat.

  • Steggles Chicken Breast Loaf - Premium

Fully cooked premium chicken loaf, made from 100% chicken breast. 97% fat free.

  • Steggles Chicken - Original (Plain)

Plain whole chicken. Sizes range from 1.2 Kg - 2.5 kg.

  • Steggles Chicken BBQ Pack

A specialty BBQ tray pack of fresh chicken: seasoned patties; sausages; BBQ Kebabs and BBQ nibbles.

  • Steggles Chicken Filos - Spinach & Feta

Skinless chicken breast fillets with spinach and feta wrapped in filo pastry.

  • Steggles Premium Chicken Breast

Fully cooked and made from 100% chicken breast. 97% fat free.

  • Steggles Chicken Gold Loaf

Fully cooked chicken breast in a convenient loaf, ideal for slicing.

  • Steggles Chicken Roll

Fully cooked chicken roll prepared with chicken meat, brine and seasoning.

  • Chicken Tenders 

Sweet Chilli Lightly marinated chicken strips seasoned with a sweet chilli coating.

  • Chicken Mini Kievs

Garlic Chicken filled with garlic butter & coated with a parsley sprinkled breadcrumb

  • Chicken Fingers 

Salt & Pepper Lightly marniated chicken portions in a crispy salt and pepper breading.

  • Chicken Nuggets 

Premium Lightly seasoned chicken portions in a bread crumb coating.

  • Chicken Breast Fingers - Premium

Lightly marniated chicken portions in a crunchy golden potato crumb.

  • Chicken Crackles 

  • Tempura 

Lightly marinated chicken portions in a crispy tempura coating.

  • Chicken Fingers 

  • Salt & Vinegar

Lightly marniated chicken portions in a crunchy salt & vinegar flavoured bubble crumb.

  • Chicken Strips 

  • Southern Style

Marinated strips of tender chicken with a southern style crunchy coating.

  • Chicken Breast Pops


Succulent marinated chicken breast in a crispy tempura coating

  • Chicken Little Tenders

Mini sized crumbed chicken tenders - perfect for the little ones.

  • Chicken Nuggets - Dino Snacks

Tempura style chicken breast in dinosaur shapes.

  • Chicken Breast Wedges

  • Premium Chicken Breast Nuggets

  • Tempura Chicken Breast Nuggets

  • Staycrisp Chicken Nuggets

  • Crumbed Chicken Burger

  • Crunchy Breast Royale

  • Sweet Chilli Tenders

  • Lemon Flavoured Tenderbites

  • Southern Style Tenderbites

  • Cooked & Diced Chicken Breast - 97% FAT FREE

  • Diced Skinless Chicken Meat - GLUTEN FREE

  • Sliced Chicken Meat - GLUTEN FREE

  • Premium Breast Chicken Loaf

  • Chicken Breast Fairy Snacks

  • Chicken Breast Fillet-

  • CrumbedChicken Breast Tenders Crumbed


  • Steggles Ezy Roast

Ready to cook turkey breast with a self-basting marinade. Seasonally available only from Coles Supermarkets.

  • Steggles Fresh Turkey

Plain whole Turkey, ready to cook. Sizes ranging from 3kg to 6kg.

  • Steggles Roast Style Turkey Breast Fillet

Fully roasted, natural turkey breast fillet with skin on. Gluten-free. Approximately 2kg.

  • Steggles Turkey

Plain whole turkey, ready to cook. Sizes ranging from 3kg to 6kg

  • Steggles Turkey Breast Fillet (Cooked)

Fully cooked, natural turkey breast fillet with Skin on. Gluten-free. Approximately 2kg.

  • Steggles Turkey Breast Roasted in Oven Tray

Marinated skin-on turkey breast fillet in a convenient oven-ready foil tray. Available in 1kg and 2 kg pack.

  • Steggles Turkey Breast Roll

Fully cooked turkey fillet breast in a roll. Ready to eat.

  • Steggles Turkey Buffet Carve (Cooked)

Fully cooked, natural whole butterfly turkey breast with skin on. Gluten-free. Approximately 3kg.

  • Turkey Shanks

Simply rub with sea salt & olive oil. 97% fat free. High in protein

  • Turkey Rissoles

Seasoned with parsley, thyme & garlic. High in protein

  • Turkey Mince

Turkey mince, perfect for a fresh twist on pasta. High in protein.

  • Turkey Breast Fillet

Perfect for a fresh twist on stir fry. 99% fat free. High in protein. Marinated for tenderness.


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